Why This Whole "Black Pill" Thing Is Nonsense


After having reviewed over 10 videos created by Wheat Waffles, I thought that many of them were useful and straight-to-the-point, ala honest. Well, it turns out that the whole "blackpilling" thing is total bologne. Your life is not determined exclusively by your physical looks. Your looks only compose 60% of your dating/social/business lifestyle, but your intelligence (30%) and your flexibility (20%) are a few others to keep in mind.

Big Bang Theory
Big Bang Theory

We have come to a point where natural beauty has virtually went out of style thanks to the rise in Kardashian/Bieber Society. Contrary to popular belief, men (and women, too) with natural beauty, charming personality and moderately-conservative social attitudes are more attractive than those who wear extreme makeup/tattoos, do drugs/smoke/drink, and embrace political/religious views on either extreme end.

The food you eat also affects your looks, unless of course, you are part of the "Black Pill" cult 😏

To be fair, I don't believe in Red Pill or Blue Pill either when it comes to relationships and friendships. Whatever God intended is best is what naturally will happen.

Even if you don't believe in God, if you dress nice, respect proper social etiquettes and abide by hygienical practices, and manage to smile (not too hard) and especially work out at the gym and/or participate in an afterschool activity or social college club, you'll have the opportunity to make a good friend, even a romantic partner.

Why This Whole "Black Pill" Thing Is Nonsense
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  • Deserter
    The redpill is the most accurate. The blackpill really only applies if you're excetionally hot or exceptionally ugly. Also if you're rich. You see average guys with gl gfs everywhere, even if they're short. Hypergamy isn't real outside of Tinder. Betabuxxing also isn't really relevant to most guys. Anytime some average or below average dude is dating a girl better looking than him they claim it's betabuxxing. It's such cope. If you're like a manager at Target or some shit you really think a chick can't find a dude that they actually find attractive and makes more money? Lmao
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  • Faaaaad
    Why This Whole "Black Pill" Thing Is NonsenseThe only reason people like that criminal is because he looks good
    See how much looks is important
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    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! R. Kelly looks good but nobody likes him

    • But seriously, that's Stockton for you. "Bad girls" in gang-infested cities are known to be prone to attraction toward these "bad boys". In the South, in Vegas or in a suburb it's quite a different story since there are hardly any gangs there.

    • Faaaaad

      Buddy , bad boys , good boys doesn't matter anymore , nowadays woman feel safe by their own so they don't need the protection from the big guy (height still matter though) , now its just looks and game , and other thing , i saw wheat waffles , before watching him i had no idea what are the beauty standards for men , well the good news is they can be obtain , its 2021 nothing is impossible now

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  • ChiTown33
    I wouldn't say it's nonsense. Like most things just overhyped. Looks matter. And you said it yourself, "your looks only compose 60% of your dating/social/business liferyle". So in other words you can get rejected 60% of the time just on that alone. And understandably that makes unattractive people angry because they have to work much harder than the fair looking people. Some people just you it as an EXCUSE not to try. But they're right on one thing. It does mean they're probably going to endure more rejection.
    Because we are social shallow culture and we not only judge people on what value they rate to us. But unfortunately what value they are to other people.
    It's no surprise that a segment of guys guys get a disproportionate amount of female attention. Because a guy that's in demand will attract even more women. Because to the women being with that guy gives her added value. This isn't black pill, this is just psychology.
    This is why I'll tell any guy who will listen ask women out. And don't give a s*** who or how many times you're rejected. Because 95% of the time the person who's rejecting you doesn't even really know you. She's not rejecting you. She's rejecting her PERCEPTION of you.
    There's a quote by Dr. PHIL "You wouldn't worry so much about what people think about you if you truly realized how little they did". The fact is most people when they think about you. Only think about you in how you relate to them, their life. This is just reality.
    So fellas! Smile! Have fun! Enjoy life! And only give weight to people who opinions are deserving of weight.
  • abc3643
    Frankly, I wish all these fuckheads obsessed with red pills, blue pills, black pills, whatever just take all the fucking pills, overdose, and then die thus leaving those of us who are mature adults living in the real world to move on and not have to listen to their whiny bullshit.
  • Chthou95
    a lot of the stuff you said is very blue pilled even though you don't believe in it
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  • lightbulb27
    didn't know what that was, what hopeless people are making up this stuff? they are probably just selling clicks.


    Transparent pill next?
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  • DermalPunch
    Black pill blue pill red pill. We need a Dr. Seuss title about all this!
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  • Intothevoid666
    It depends on who u r and what type of women u r attracted to.
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  • Anonymous
    I've never heard of this before, but if the central proposition is that how you look determines 100% of your dating outcome, it's a pretty piss poor theory since literally EVERYONE has seen many couples where the dude is punching WAY above his weight looks-wise. If the ugly whining dudes had ANY sense at all, they'd try to figure out how those dudes do it.
  • Anonymous
    Most people call all of this nonsense until they take the divorce pill. Call it a cope, only on the internet... call it whatever you want. Ignore it at your own peril.
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  • Anonymous
    I do not agree with black pill on everything

    but they are correct

    and do make life easier to some degree

    not 100%
    but some is better than zero
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  • Anonymous
    Ya who cares if your black white etc If your offended by name calling then you need to Go back to school to learn why your skin color is the way it is
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    • Black pill is a variant of red pill and blue pill. It's nothing about skin color, you illiterate bastard

  • Anonymous
    The White Pill is Superior.
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