Abortion is still legal, calm down

Abortion is still legal, calm down

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade and Planned Parenthood V Casey, abortion is still legal in all states, with what circumstances abortions can take place varying from state to state but all states allowing abortions if the mother’s life is in danger.

In Mississippi, the state whose law was being considered in the recent case, the law allows abortions under certain circumstances. Here is the section specifically protecting rape victims from the 2007 trigger law that will activate upon the Governor declaring Roe V Wade has been overturned:

“No abortion shall be performed or induced in the State of Mississippi, except in the case where necessary for the preservation of the mother's life or where the pregnancy was caused by rape.”

Other mostly southern and conservative states have these trigger laws, and other mostly liberal states have trigger laws explicitly protecting abortion.

I’m not sure if they all protect rape victims (I’d hope so), but any claims of rape victims being forces to give birth is blatantly false in the case of the Mississippi law. I recommend doing some research before posting, to see what laws your state has in place.

While abortion may be heavily restricted in some states, it is still legal under important circumstances that protect human lives. Additionally, many states do not have nearly as harsh restrictions as Mississippi does.

Hope this helps some people trying to understand what’s going on, and stop misinformation that “abortion is banned”, which is simply not true.

Abortion is still legal, calm down
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  • Kiran_Yagami

    Roe v. Wade doesn't really change the abortion debate. It's just changed who you need to argue in front of. Instead of arguing in front of the federal government, now you need to argue in front of your state legislature. I am 100% AOK with that. We do not need more federal power. In fact, we need less. The federal government being removed from abortion is a good thing. If you still have arguments to make, take them to your state government.

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  • ObscuredBeyond

    Technically, it violates the First Amendment, to say nothing of the Ten Commandments. So in that sense, still illegal. And Roe didn't legalize anything either. It just bullied states into an illegitimate federal court mandate to break the law. Yet, repealing Roe won't bring in line those states that have become sanctuaries for spirit drinkers and Big Adrenochrome. It only means the feds will no longer bully states that have decided that they're tired of that crap and have no use for it.

    This is why the defeat of Roe, strategically, is insignificant. It's an obsolete playing card. The real cynical masterminds realize how little teeth it had to begin with. But they're relying on public sentiment.

    Nutters who view Roe as a sacred cow feel the symbolic defeat of their sacred cow being killed. They retaliate with mass hysteria. This fans the flames of civil unrest, which is just what the devils atop the ranks want!

    In the face of their quest to destroy us with an even more gruesome civil war, sacrificing one play chip on the board didn't seem too big a price to pay.

  • Exterminatore

    Why would an abortion be needed after a rape? Have they never heard about the morning after pill? Like what? The victim needs to think about it a while?

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    • Yeah and it should be easier to get, like a bottle of Tylenol... it is fairly easy but not cheap right now. Last one I got was pricy for a few pills.

      Rape victims should get it offered during the medical exam for sure.

    • I’m against abortion. Technically a morning after pill would be an abortion. Frankly I’m not 100% sure at what point a fetus would be considered animate. Sometime within the first 10 weeks in my opinion.

      That said, as I understand it, when a woman gets pregnant, within 24 hours the cell that will make up the fetus forms and within 48 hours it divides again. At this point there is no heart beat, no brain, no limbs…nothing remotely resembling a human or even remotely capable of feeling pain. I can’t find a reason to object to the morning after pill at this point in a pregnancy.

    • My understanding of the morning after, is it prevents it from sticking to the uterus wall... thus it never technically takes hold.

      I'm generally along the 4 to 6 weeks limit, but morning after should be easy and cheap... someone screws up, takes the pill. The extra time is for those that might be abused or in a situation where they are denied access right away... kidnapped or domestic violence, trapped, etc...

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  • Bratsondanielle

    And you guys love to say that while randomly getting pregnant by different guys, some of whom you know the first name, and then just go get a free abortion. Well, now it's a pill a day sweetheart. Even if it's gonna give you a headaches trying to remedy such a difficult new task. And by the way: we need a serious scientific investigation into the fact that "the more ugly she is -- the more upset about this she is"!!! Some of the baby murderers (x-babymurderers) on YouTube tictoc etc literally look like a dump truck just spilled them out!!

  • Whatever2929292


  • JohnK123