What are reasons Guys say rude things to Girls?

Some of you saw my "Do you think I am Unattractive?" question (Well it got removed). I mentioned rude things that had been said to me. Today I went to the mall and while I was walking out, I saw these guys sitting on their car about in their late teens, early 20s. I saw them in the row over from my car, and a heavy set lady was walking and they started "Moo'ing" and laughing, saying appalling comments to her.

I've had rude things said to me also and some of you said that it was probably their pathetic way of saying they think you are attractive..

I'm not saying I haven't seen girls do this to guys. But lately, I've seen guys loose a lot of respect for women in their actions and comments. Yes their are girls who bring it upon themselves at times, but even so, I've been taught to respect a person no matter what because you don't know them or where they came from.


Why do guys do this?

And girls, if you've done it.. Why?


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  • You must live in a town where the boys are not taught any manners. I once made fun of a fat kid when I was about 10 or 11 and my step mom let me have it and let me know how mean it was. She was right. There is nothing funny about being mean. People who say those kinds of things do it because they are some combination of mean, immature, self-conscious themselves and trying to elevate their own status by putting somebody else down, they think it will make them seem funny or cool, or they are masking something.

    Next time you see or hear something like that you should ask them if they want people to think they are mean because that is how they are coming off. I think most people don't to be thought of as mean, even though lots of us do mean things from time to time.

    • Yeah I did go and say something to them. I went up and asked the guys if they had a younger sister and not thinking anything of it, one of the guys said yes. Then I said what would you do if you found out guys were doing that to her like you are doing to that girl. These guys, in particular, realized it in the end. And apologized to the girl.

      But I have confronted other guys/girls like in that case and they didn't think they were wrong....

    • ....and said they thought it was fun. So do you think they just like being a bully?

    • Some people just are mean and some people just are bullies. They have something wrong in their own soul. Some darkness that they can't help but thrust on other people to make them miserable too or to make themselves feel like they are somehow better than other people.

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  • there are many complex reasons, and it varies from situation to situation. The root is from personal gain. Whatever kid started mooing did it because he thought it would help his rep with his friend. When guys say mean things to attractive girls, it is usually because they are interested, but the girl isn't being entirely receptive, so they mask it in indifference to keep from getting hurt, the indifference just sometimes manifests as rude comments.

    Just remember, when someone says something rude, it is always for personal gain, and while it may be hurtfull that they don't care about how it makes you feel, don't take it too personally, you are just another potential target, or someones crush, whichever it may be.

  • I agree with noregret11, those boys are probably still really immature and by making fun of others it gives them a sense of comformaty and of being part of the group.

  • There are two main reasons why guys would do something like this... the first, like noregret11 says, is immaturity.

    The second is why girls are so often confused by guys. It could be that the guy in question is attracted to the girl, like boys hitting girls they like in the playground because they don't understand their feelings.


    • I have thought about the "boys hitting girls they like in the playground" scenario, but I never thought insulting a girl would be the same thing. I do think it's a maturity issue.

      I just have heard a lot of very appalling things from guys and when I look them dead in the eye it doesn't look like they are joking or trying to say they like me. Oh well, I know there are plenty of guys out there who are nothing like them.

      I just wanted to know some reasons.

      Thank you for your comment though! :)

    • I have actually seen friends (I use the term loosely) behave this way to people they have actually told me they like. Strange behaviour that I have never even begun to get my head around.

  • I've had girls I know who were good friends at the time act out towards me randomly when we're out in groups and I have no idea why. Does anyone know why?

    • 1.) PMS/ That time of the of the month

      2.) She's stressed and every little thing irritates her because she's under pressure or something bad has happened

      3.) She likes you and she's irritated because you haven't noticed her in another way besides friends.


      .. That's all I can think of

    • So I shouldn't take offense to the comments and just let it go? Because I don't tolerate behavior like that from my guy friends at all, if they act crass towards me I respond in kind, but I try to not do that with women.

    • Why aren't you a gentleman to not lash out at a women. :) My city needs more guys like you.

      But to answer your question: I would say something if it truly offends you, but don't say it like you would say it to one of your guy friends. I would just say I don't appreciate it when you say that, it's offensive to me. She'll more than likely listen if you say it like that, but if you say it rudely, your asking for a cat and dog fight. ;)

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  • i learned this the hard way, guys are usually rude to people because they are self conscious about their own selves and they think that by bashing on others and making them look bad, it raises their self worth. Boys are just jerks, but thankfully some are saved from the "Peter Pan Syndrome" and grow up.