This drunk guy on 4th of July asked if I was retarded?

So on Fourth of July night I went to the bar with my friend for karaoke. Then we went to the cheesesteak stand right next to it.

Some guys were talking to my friend about him singing, "What does the Fox say?"

Then this scrawny friend of the people said something to me and I didn't hear.

Then he asked, "Is he retarded?"

I asked, "WHAT?"

He kept asking if I was retarded. I asked, "Why do you keep asking me if I am retarded? What's wrong with you? No I'm not retarded!"

It was really making me mad because I didn't do anything.

Then my friend stopped me from doing anything.

And the people pulled there friend away and told me he is supper drunk.

The guy kept saying, "I want to smash his fucking face in!"

I really was getting mad. I just wanted to make fun of him and then have him make an idiot of himself by trying to fight me for no reason.

But my friend didn't want them to fight me.

I'm so pissed. It's making me want to go back there on another day and totally school this kid and tell him how much a piece shit he is. Then I want to psychologically damage him and beat him to a pulp and kick him while he's down.

Dammit! Why do I have to walk away?
This drunk guy on 4th of July asked if I was retarded?
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