Why does my ex still check my facebook and got angry when I removed him?

He broke up with me 4 months ago. I didn't want to break up but he brought up so many reasons and made me feel like I'm the one to blame and he just had to do things that make him happy.

The only way we can still see each other is Facebook. He blocked me in Skype, Gtalk etc. I chat with him sometimes on Facebook, but every time we chat, he would say mean things to me like he has sometime to make things sound more harsh while typing - somehow it's always better when we talk on the phone. I decided to remove him from my friend list a week ago because I couldn't stand seeing him like that anymore. I still love him so much and seeing him adding new female friends just makes me feel like I don't wanna be one of his girls (he only added 2 new female friends though) I told myself I have to do this, otherwise I can never move on.

He sent me a message later on that day saying "Congratulations! I bow to your courage. I will complete the circle by removing our mutual friends..." and so he did, removing all my friends out of his list. I could feel that he must not feel very nice about it, so I called him and he said he was angry, but it doesn't matter anymore. I said what he did (removing all my friends) was childish. He said he knows it is and said maybe this is better for us.

I just recently joined one group that is related to my career and he knew and checked the group one day before I removed him. I just found out when I talked to him on the phone. I said "I can never escape from you, right?" he laughed and said "No, never" so.. apparently he checks my Facebook daily (or almost) before I removed him.

He never called me since we broke up, but we can still have a 3 hour conversation and it was a funny / positive conversation. He said I should let him go completely and asked me if I already have a new boyfriend with a different tone of voice (softer than usual) I asked him if he found any nice girls yet and he said no. Now I just wanna ask you guys why he did what he did.

I wanted to ask him to come back to me but I know I don't have the right to say that since he broke up with me, I better keep my mouth shut and try to move on even it hurts so much.
Why does my ex still check my facebook and got angry when I removed him?
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