How to tell if a high school guy likes you?

How did you act in high school around the girls you liked?

I'm talking about the guys who never actually talked to the girl.


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  • Well I had this big crush on this girl when I was in high school I would always be around the places she would be maybe not that close, but close enough to see what s she is doing and who she's talking to. You can notice if he likes you if he keeps looking at you very often. I did that I acted like I was just chilling with my friends but all the time I just kept looking at her. I always tried to make eye contact to give her that impression that I like her.


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  • Hmm, my little brother is that way. What he would do is he'd go looking proud and cool, look at the girl, looks away or stare a sec or two when the girl catches him. He'd get near the girl, not too near as close to personal space, but near enough to hope that the girl would think he's cool and approach him. He'd mostly smile, but sometimes try to put on a badass look it's pretty cute ^ ^

  • I usually avoided girls I liked in my high school because it made me all nervous. This is why I only dated girls from other high schools...

    ..or from elementary schools.


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