Why would someone that never liked you even fake being friends for a while?

My worst school year was 7th grade. However, I've wondered once about this:

The mean girl (M) at the time wanted to fight me for no reason and wouldn't stop insulting me. Nearly 2 months of this, M along with her main group of female friends apologized for giving me a hard time and wanted to befriend me.

The following week, then M is like ''We were never your friends, we were just make believing'' and again wanted to fight me. I felt like the stupidest person for falling for that. Little did I know that I would fall for that again.

Sometime in December, M again persisted on fighting me, and already had several classmates pushing me in her direction to fight her. At some point I retaliated and punched her in the back, then she slapped me and I pushed her. Needlessly to say, many got a good laugh about me (a then 5'4 girl; now I'm 5'7) getting slapped by an under 5ft skinny girl I could have easily beat up if I wanted to. It's true. I just wasn't mean enough to have it in me to beat up someone.

I felt humiliated and actually reported this to the assistant principal. However, it didn't work in my favor when I told him about the punch and me pushing her. He was going to suspend both of us (I was in disbelief to be honest and felt I was really the victim reacting) if we didn't made up. Plus, she lied to him and made it sound like she was defending me against others picking on me while I said nothing in return. Both of us ended up crying and apologized.

M was supposely my ''friend'' for the remaining year. She and her group of female friend wrote on my yearbook. She even called my house twice and sounded like a friend.
During the summer vacation, I called the # she put on my yearbook and a man told me ''wrong number''.

8th grade: was a better year but she then ignored me completely
9th grade:(no more bullying): making a new friend and when M saw me, she screamed and said ‘’Oh EWW’’.

She wasn't in my HS anymore from 10th-12th grade.
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I know this was long ago but why did she went through all that: even calling my house, writing nice things on my yearbook and leading me on from till the school yr ended?
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After getting fooled the 2nd time and for nearly 6 months (not a week like the 1st) It was then that I hardened some and wasn't too forgiving anymore.
Why would someone that never liked you even fake being friends for a while?
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