Is it obsession or is it I was that good in bed?

I hAve a friend whom I met through work about three years ago... never seen him more than that just friends! I knew of his relationship and he knew who I was interested in... as Co workers we hung out after work with all the other guys + myself (yes I was only woman who hung out with them)! To them I was another guy... with the perks of being a girl and cute lol! One day my coworker and I decided to hang out since he had left to another job and something happened... i never thought it would happen nor was I attracted to him in any way to think of it! I made sure to make it clear to him that what happened HAPPENed, and that was it!!! I still tall to him we aRe still good frinds with the exception "HE STILL WANT ANOTHER NIGHT"

why does a one night thing almost three years later still linger in him? I'm different from the rest and he sees it but is it he wants to begin a serious type of thing or it was just that good? (lol)
Is it obsession or is it I was that good in bed?
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