Bro talk am I in the right?

Ok, so here's the deals. One friend was talking to a mutual friend -both guys. I happened to come up in conversation. Usually its always good talk. The one called me a "c"
no explanation.
THe next day the one guy approached me saying that so and so called you this.
So I approached the guy. He said yes, clearly he was pissed and got mad at me because it was bro talk and t was none of my business. I was like dude, if you have a problem, talk to me and I also said I wasn't appreciative of what he called me. This just escalated.
so should I have said something? I personally feel I wasn't in the wrong. The one guy made it my business, in which I stewed on it for a day or two before approaching.
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dude is just a "child" he has growing up to do
Bro talk am I in the right?
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