Girls: problems with gay men grabbing you?

Okay so lemme first say, I love gay people. My sister is gay and I have lotsa gay friends in general...

But... I've had a lot of personal space problems with gay men. They seem to think that because they aren't attracted to women that gives the right to touch them inappropriately.

So the other night as an example.. I was at a party and there were these two gay guys there. They were very flamboyant and over the top and people were making fun of them and I felt bad so I went over and chatted them up and we were joking around and stuff.

Well later on one of them thought it'd be funny to grab me from behind and put his hands on my boobs.. him and his friend/bf were cracking up abd I turned around and slapped him in the face (knee jerk reaction). They seemed surprised and his bf was like "hey only I get to do that" and I felt like a bitch but I haate being touched without permission.

I really do love the company of my gay friends but when they act like that its overwhelming and frazzling, and I've had this issue in the past... they seem to this touching girls inappropriately is like their right because it doesn't turn them on... does anyone else have this issue?
Girls: problems with gay men grabbing you?
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