Is music part of nature or man made?

Music is such a part of our culture and history. It invokes such a varying degree of emotions from us and makes us react physically to it, it's often hard to keep still and not dance when you hear something which you really like. It's capable of lifting our spirits and also causes us to look inside ourselves and at our own experiences and actions. It has been a part of society in every corner of the earth and since the dawn of civilisation, so what's your philosophical take on music, its origins and human reaction to a series of sounds being linked together?
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For those who are interested in natural sounds, here is a link to energy recorded in space and turned into sound. The 'sounds' come from the planets in our solar system and I have to say they are absolutely captivating. I was really overwhelmed while listening to them (better with headphones)
Is music part of nature or man made?
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