Why are there so many misogynists on here?

I notice most guys on here are misogynists. Also I notice some women with fake profiles like one had a picture of a lingerie model as their pic and another had some Asian woman and next time I came back it was changed to a white girl.

But the main point is why so many misogynists. Is being a misogynists becoming trendy or something and all the men who are idiots take part in it.
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Now we have some person that blocked me from replying and seems to infer that black people aren't on average darker than white people. Wow. Truly some amazing stuff here. What shocks me is how serious people seem to be when arguing this stuff.
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All I can say is the women on here are nothing like women you meet in real life and date. The women on here like @LastGirlScout is just plain fked. There is no other way to describe it.
Also I was on a dating site for a while but even those women are only a little better, they are still pretty fked compared to normal women you would meet in real life. That is what I notice.
Why are there so many misogynists on here?
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