People dislike me for NO reason?

So I'm a Year 10 (freshman) girl in high school, and I'm not particularly unpopular at school. I have a lot of friends and don't get bullied either.

Although I am quite happy at school, I've noticed that especially over the past year or so, people seem to dislike me for no reason at all. These are people who I don't speak to a lot, or are friends with one of my closer friends who happens to be in another social group to me.

I've never done anything wrong to them, and I know I'm not overthinking because it's pretty obvious they don't like me at all - they make a lot of snide comments and you know when you can FEEL people judging/mentally insulting you?

I'm not a misfit and I try to be as nice and polite as I can to everyone, so why do you think they dislike me?
They're all from different friendship circles too lol
People dislike me for NO reason?
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