Is this a bad away to get attention?

If you read my previous question you will understand my situation. (Please feel free to answer that question, I didn't get much feedback.) Lately I've been feeling kind of down because my friend has become very close with the boy a like. They met maybe a month and half. I knew him first. They aren't into each other but when I started liking him I was trying to gain his trust. But he has her to talk to now and it's fucked up. If I text him and tell him all my problems maybe he will open up to me too. I know that's awful but I know I can trust him anyway. I've helped him in the past, or at least tried. I mean, I'm upset but I might make I'm more worked up than I actual am. No one ever asks me if I'm okay and I just would like someone to do it every now and again. Is this a bad way to get attention from him?
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at least tell me why it's bad, note, i'm friends with this guy.
Is this a bad away to get attention?
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