I still don't get the point of feminism?

Well, Women have already won the rights that men have, so why are women still pushing? By all accounts, Feminism now only seems to do more harm then good.

Feminism has created independent women that take care of themselves, which is good, but because of this, the effect on men has been the opposite. Most men have a need, to be needed, and be the provider. But since women have taken the role, the men take a look around, say "I'm not needed here" and leave.

Due to the men leaving, it has lasting and on going terrible effects on the children that then become fatherless.

For boys: they become violent, and have no real control of their sexual desires, so end up sleeping around, they are more likely to harm a woman in the future, and are more likely to leave their own child, because they have had no male role model to show them good things, they are more likely to join gangs in search of makeshift role models that only encourage this behavior.

For girls: girls are more likely to sleep around, and go into depression, with extremely low self esteem. Many crave the male attention that was taken from them growing up, causing them to become promiscuous, and as they have no male to show teach them "good boy" and "bad boy" they end up with the "bad boy" in search of love, let themselves get beat down, and degraded further. They are also more likely to have teenage pregnancies. And when a man leaves her, it becomes twice as bad in her mind, because she then feels the total rejection all over again.

Now I'm not saying that ALL men leave because of the feminism taken away their need to provide, but the rate of it in the past 40 years is higher then ever.

So I guess my real question is, why are we still supporting this when it's caused such a large outbreak of problems?
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For those of you who don't seem to pay attention, I said it is NOT the main source of all these problems, men leave for no reason sometimes, BUT since femininity has come so strong, the process has INCREASED. I even explained WHY it's increased. It's not the root of the problem, but it's feeding the problem and making it bigger then ever.
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Annnd this is why women hate me.

But PEOPLE, I have DONE the research, YEARS worth, not particularly on this particular subject, but i'very STUDIED human behavior, gender differences, fatherless homes, and SO FORTH. These are the facts. Now for some of you people who are having trouble keeping up it seems, READ THE LAST UPDATE. I'm sitting here laughing my head off listening to the "you don't know what your talking about" and blah blah blah, when some of you didn't even read the whole thing.
I still don't get the point of feminism?
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