Am I being Bro zoned? But then What's up with the mixed signals and sexual tension?

(It took me a while to write this. Please be respectful)
We are both in college. He's 19; I'm 18.
He's a 'friend'. He's giving a mixed vibe that includes a brotherly vibe, friendship and sexual tension. His words and actions don't match. To give you some insight:

We went to a movie with a group of friends but we sat together. We literally ate popcorn from a tiny bag and we shared a drink. Throughout the movie, our hands/arms touched.
He played with my hair today. He hugged me from behind while I was sitting.
(At this point, I would like to point out that kindly don't be judgemental. I despise anyone touching me unless there's a serious relationship but for some unknown reason, I am very comfortable with him.)
The touches aren't 'sexual'. They are- Siblingish. It's freaking me out. I don't want to be his sister.
On the other hand, like today, I asked him to go with me to a cafe. And the question sort of died in the conversation but he did acknowledge it. Later, he goes to the same place with another girl and a guy.
He is cute, funny, light hearted, jokes a lot but... I'm confused.

He is touchy feely with another girl but they fight like siblings and behave like that. It's purely friendship. The girl is taken. He's friendzoned by her. With me, we never fight. I have observed some sexual tension between us but sometimes, I sense like an element of 'sister zone' (that he has with the other girl) slipping into our relationship. The tension shows in his voice sometimes and actions too. He always hovers near me whenever I'm in the same room as him.
I have begun to like him. But I don't understand. Am I friend/sister zoned? Is he immature unable to deal with feelings?
This is NOT sexual for me; we really do get along well. I sometimes feel like he's not looking at me like other men would. I dress feminine and guys compliment me often. I don't see why I'm being treated like a sister. But his actions say otherwise. Is he 'holding back'? How do I deal with this?
Am I being Bro zoned? But then What's up with the mixed signals and sexual tension?
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