Girls, how can a guy become your friends?

I've noticed that since I started University, I'm finding it incredibly hard to find a girl who would put as much effort into being friends as I do with them.

I find myself always initiating text convos & when I invite a girl anywhere, they always seem to shy out with the 'I'm tired' or 'I'm busy' talk.

Even if they are genuinely busy, I can't keep inviting them out because I don't think it will come of well.

I even had this girl who I helped with her work, had her come over to mine once & always talked with her at lectures but she always ignores me if I don't initiate anything. I stopped showing her that commitment after a year and it feels odd cause we are still in the same lectures.

Why don't girls text the guy first or invite them to do things when the guy has done the same with them?
Girls, how can a guy become your friends?
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