What should I do about this girl?

Girl I like told me she's be lost with out me and would know what to do if I was mad at her.

Long story short I stopped talking to this girl who knew I liked her (I told her via text) it had been 3 days since we talked because everyone was telling me to move on because she didnot Let me know if she felt the same and I liked her to much ad it would have been toxic for me to keep in contact with herleading myself on. So she's was texting me numerous of time wondering how I was doing I didn't reply, today I replied just so shed knowi was okay. She then she proceeded to try to talk to me, I kept everything short and yeah, I tried to stop talking to her by saying I leave you alone when she stated she was at work, and she asked me to keep talking to her. So I asked if she wanted to hangout or something she told me she was sick which she has done before ( she was sick) but hung out with other people so when she said it this time I said you can say no if you don't want to, she said that she does want to hang out with me she just isn't feeling well, I said okay well I hope you feel better and that I am not mad at her, she said thank you so much for understanding and that she wouldn't know what to do if I was mad at her and a <3 and that she'd text me tomorrow. I don't know what to do, I've liked her for a while any ideas
What should I do about this girl?
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