How do you feel about loyalty?

I find loyalty to be, at best, a neutral attribute, and often a negative one. I will side with whoever is correct in a given situation, whether they are close to me, someone I don't know, or even someone I actively hate. I also find the more you communicate with others and make your intentions and perspectives clear, behaving in a manner consistent with logic and reason, the less loyalty matters. To me, loyalty is too often used to justify acting poorly toward outsiders for the sake of those you are close to.

Anyway, I'm interested in your thoughts.
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"loyalty" has a few definitions, some I agree with and some I don't. I think people should be honest, reliable, and true to their word, but I don't like the pack mentality aspect of loyalty- the sort where, for instance, you put your own family first, fuck everyone else.
How do you feel about loyalty?
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