How do you recover from being bullied over and over?

I have been bullied a lot verbally and this is my last year in highscool (our higshcools go untill were 19). I've actually stopped attending school and learning at home cause I just can't take it and I go to extra tution classes (and in my country cause highscool syllabuses are hard there are extra clases that teach them). I've got zero confidence to go into school or even talk to people outside of school. I've got this fear of rejection. I have no idea on how to recover from this. The saddest part is that I love to work with people. But I am also really scared of rejection by people. I even grew up with a mom who was consantly stepped on by her sibilings. My dad also left us a long time ago so I don't have Anynody to tell me how to man up either. I'm just ao confused about what to doright now. I'm just waiting to write my final exams and them in never even looking back at highscool. I hate everything about it.

I know problems like these can't simply be solved by asking but if any of you went through a similar phrase like me pleae give me some advice.

Thank you
How do you recover from being bullied over and over?
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