I can prove that all women don't love you for you?

1. First we must look at what human beings really are. You the human are a body. You are the flesh, blood, bone, skin and muscle. You are NOT the soul because such a thing doesn't exist.

2. You are not your personality. A personality is NOT a part of your body. What we define as a personality is a collection of data that presents itself as a whole through actions and reactions. The personality is a system in which you the body uses as a survival mechanism.

----Men are visual creatures---
-Now if you remembered what I said in part 1 I stated that you are your body. If a man loves your for your body if is loving you because all you are is a body.

---Women love personality which isn't you---
-Remember part 2? The personality is a survival mechanism and nothing more.

----Reasons women don't love male nude pics---
-Because you the male are an expendable machine designed that way by nature. You aren't meant to be beautiful. Masculinity is expendable. Taking deadly risks, being a fighter, having muscles, being tall, aggression, violence, higher logical thinking. All of this leads to a creature being powerful but at the same time those traits lead to early death. This is why masculinity means being expendable. WOMEN LOVE MALE EXPENDABLITY because they like masculine traits.
I can prove that all women don't love you for you?
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