Why does he treat me differently? I feel bad now?

My friend treats me differently. I don't know why. he's been this way since day one. he's warms up to everyone but me.

One day we worked together overnight and a few of us coworkers went out to eat afterwards at 3 in the morning. He and my friend giggled at all i said and they were texting eachother. She told me he was telling her i was datable. I also had mentioned a guy i liked... Before we went our separate ways, he asked for a hug. It was dark and rainy but we hugged for a bit as we stood in the rain.

This guy always tells me how sweet and adorable i am. We are quite similar. We can make science references and we get it. He tells me personal things.

The thing is, he is starting to see my friend/coworker so he's of limits. , he acts so weird though. He told her he kind of liked her and they've been talking ever since. Recently, they talked and are talking about giving it a try. So i am happy for them.

The thing is, he acts so strange. he's still standoffish with only me. The other night we went out to eat at 3, me and him. And this other guy and girl, i could tell he felt awkward. The girl and guy sat together, so me and him had no choice. He left for a bit and he came back. We had fun. When we were leaving, he hugged everyone but me. He skipped me.

I felt odd about it but ok. Earlier that day, me and the girl hugged because it was cold and he came to hug us and he rubbed his chin on my hair. Someone pointed it out so he let go.

I don't know why the guy is weird with me. I thought we were friends. He shouldn't act weird.
Why does he treat me differently? I feel bad now?
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