How should I approach the guy I like?

any ideas on what i can say? tips on what not to do?

there's this guy in one of my classes and i think I'm starting to crush on him. my best friend is also in this class, and we tend to create positive energy and continuously crack jokes, to which i notice this guy is pretty much always laughing at them, but he tries to hide it sometimes. its cute.

I'm working on this new confidence thing lol i want to approach him and tell him how i feel. i don't want to be creepy or overbearing or anything like that. i was thinking of going up to him and saying something along the lines of, "hey i think your cute... can i have your number blah blah blah" but then i started thinking that some guys don't like to be called that and then i just blanked out and couldn't think of anything to say.

the first thing i noticed in him was that he gave off this smart vibe, and i was attracted to it. i didn't really notice this though until recently, when i started piecing together that i liked certain things about him, like the way he dresses.
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also, do guys like this? or should i just try to flirt (cause up to this point i haven't) and send him signs that I'm interested and see how he reacts or... should i just go ahead and confront him? lol
How should I approach the guy I like?
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