Coworker: to date or not to date?

To date or not to date (a coworker)?

Yup. Minimum wage job, I'm 18 he's 20. So it's not like one of those cubicle "I see them everyday" dating scenarios. (nothing in the rule book about it, plus plenty of people here have dated a coworker before).

I've worked here six months. He's worked here for 2 years. I didn't realize it at first, but I think I know now that I've really started falling for him. (and I don't think the falling is done, like I'm not "in love" yet but I feel like I want to try). Lol, I got jealous when he came to work with a girl one time... but it was just his sister. Wake up call, I have feelings.

He's sweet. He laughs at all my jokes (even the stupid ones that really should be shunned). He's always friendly, to everyone. Really helpful, always willing to jump in and lend a hand. Always modest. A true gentleman.

That's the thing. He's nice to everyone. So I don't think he's flirting.

And, lots of girls like him. I have competition (if anyone would ever approach him, they never do for some reason, they just sit a distance and gawk). Not from coworkers, but random people. He's very attractive. He just doesn't seem to know it. He's goofy and awkward, and I am too. He's pretty aloof, though, about his personal life. I don't even know if he wants to be dating anyone.

He just seems too good for me? I don't even know if I'd stand a chance and I don't know what to do. Play it cool for a while and watch? Ask him out? Never speak of it again? Help, GAGers!
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Coworker: to date or not to date?
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