Why would he give up his girlfriend for me?

There is this one guy I use to be "Bestfriend" with that I have not talked with for a while. From my memory, we were in English class together in Senior year in High School. Him and his other close friend tried to talk to me and I don't think that he is the person I want to talk to so I pushed him away and actually pushed him physically and told him to leave me alone. The following year he saw me walking on the street to my college classes and started talking then, after that we just kept seeing eachother and talked more and then we started to hang out and got to know his family a little bit.

From we first started talking to when we were "bestfriends" was about an year. We have been through a lot together but he has also been texting me so much and telling me so much to do and what to do and what not, basically tried to control my life but I did put up with it several times. He has told me that he has dated so many girls which I didn't care much about. One day he met a girl at a restaurant as me and him had a meal there, the girl asked for his number on a piece of paper and I felt like something is going to happen but wasn't expecting it. That girl is a mother (taking care of her sister's baby after her sis died) and a manager at a restaurant. I do not know what was happening to them but he told me that he thinks she is another his ex tha had bad break up with. Me and him happened to talked about this on Valentine's day and I see that their relationship is dead, even that few days before that I paid for him to get the girl something for Valentine's. I felt bad for him because he was crying over the relationship with her. After that the friendship between me and him has also starting to die up, I wanted to leave him but he was so upset and told me that when the girl told him to choose me and or, he chose me but I don't know why he would give up her for me. We were not anymore b4 that...
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The worst things that happened in our friendship is tha he forced me to "play" with one of the stripper when he took me to a strip club by a surprise to "show them the real (my name)" or he would be disappointed and all. I just had to step outside, get a cigarette and calm down.. He got upset after that night which is when our friendship goes downhill. It has been about 1 year since we EVER talked, but I still cannot figure this out...
Why would he give up his girlfriend for me?
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