People in to dreams this ones for you! My dream came true!! What does it mean?

Ok so I had a dream and it kinda came true. I have this ex bff that I never talked to in a year and a half and I never think about her or dream about her. The other night I had a dream that I ran into her and her bf on accident and then she was being really rude to me and I was like ok why do u hate me? And then she told me about how at her 16 birthday party her ex bf was following me and that he liked me Cuz I lead him on and I was like wtf we were looking for u and that's all we were talking about u know how much I valued our friendship and u know that I'm not into your bf at the time now ex and he really likes you that's what he was talking about. She kind of had this im wrong look on her face then out of nowhere she hugged me and was holding back tears saying I missed you insert my name

She's not an affectionate girl. But the hugg felt so real Cuz she is emotional. And she's one of thoses girls that won't admit she's wrong shed rather die and I wasn't gonna admit I was wrong because she blocked me off of every social media for no reason at all she couldn't even tell me a reason do what was I suppous to say sorry u blocked me? No so we never talked since

A day later she adds me on Instagram. Keep in mind we haven't talked since she blocked me from everything and in her own little way I know this is kinda a way to apologize Cuz she's too big too attcually do it. Do u think my dream has a connection? I never think about her and that's the first time she's been in my dreams that I can remember from our falling out. Is this a considence? Or do u think it was more spiritual maybe she was having a similar dream or maybe she just missed me? Please explain!

Also in that same dream my ex wanted to get back together. I don't know maybe that part is just my thought process but maybe he misses me too? Thanks for sharing!
People in to dreams this ones for you! My dream came true!! What does it mean?
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