Why are very few of us altruistic?

Very few people do things without waiting for anything in exchange and aren't doing it because of something (usually a negative experience) that happened to them or a loved one either... but just because they want to help out.

Several examples of those only helping out either after reacting to a bad experience that if it wasn't for that they would careles and live their normal life or to gain something in return:

1) A couple only caring about working with autistic children becuase their own child has autism.

2) Someone suddenly making drunk driving speeches and campaigns about it and the affects only after either someone closed to them die, got injured or they themselves are crippled for life due to a drunk driver (example: Jacqueline Saburrido).

3) Bullying campaigns only after their child went to the extreme of committing suicide or is seeking therapy or they themselves shared their own experience.

4) Former model Katie Piper becoming involved with burn victims after acid was thrown in her face by her crazy ex bf's accomplice.

5) Guy that fights another guy that's hitting his gf or helps a girl if she dropped her books... but only if she's very attractive and he'll gain something in return but because he felt it was the right thing to do regardless.
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**but not because he felt it was the right thing to do regardless. **
Why are very few of us altruistic?
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