Insane parents or insane teenagers?

Hey my friend and I really need some advice concerning our parents, sorry if this is long but we really really need help and we appreciate your feedback! My main question is do i have a 'fuck it' attitude and go against my parents and finally live the life i want or just give into my parents and let it be. So basically my friend and I have worked hard throughout high school, our predicted marks put us in the top 5% of 'smartest' students in the state. On top of that we have juggled part time jobs to pay for shit instead of putting pressure on our parents. We have never done anything wrong or anything to upset them! BUT now that school is over and we have graduated all we want is a bit of freedom, all we want is to be 18 year olds and have some fun and when i say fun I mean the normal kind as in going to parties, going out etc etc. Besides we only worked hard to please our parents, it was never for ourselves. They want us to be the top lawyers but we dont want that at all! However our parents REFUSE to give us freedom to make our own choices or have fun! They want to control every single aspect of our lives for eg they would not even let me stay the night at a close friends house as they thought i might be 'drinking' and my dad said if i do not get home he will never ever let me go out again! what do we do? do we continue to let them rule our life or for once do we finally go against them and go out and have some fun, because we have done nothing wrong, we studied hard, we did what they want, school is over, its summer holidays!!! :( thanks
stuff your parents- have fun
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Insane parents or insane teenagers?
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