Any introverted here?

Hey people,

I don't know if I am introverted or not, but I think so. I just want to have a clear answer...

I don't like going out with too many people, I actually feel like it sucks my energy. I like being alone and think about my future, I like watching netflix in my bed alone.

I don't like meeting new people that don't think the same way I do, simply because I don't feel like talking about what they like. I don't give a damn about what people think. I wear sweatpants in public (lol).

I have no girlfriend, but when I do, I don't go to bars with her, I let her go with her friends and I stay home. I go to the movie theatre, beach, gym, work, manage my business, read, etc.

Is being introverted bad? I mean, I don't know anyone that's like me. Everyone loves to waste hundreds of $ into alcohol on weekends, I prefer working hard to one day buy me a house or a brand new sports car... I have no fun in a club/bar, not that I haven't tried! I'm simply not comfortable.

I am not shy, AT ALL! I just don't talk to people I don't know, people that i'm not interested into.

I do talk to people that have things in common though! Businessmen, work mates, sports cars fans, etc.

Anyways, tell me what you think...
Any introverted here?
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