Being married to the boss, good or bad idea?

I'm engaged and my fiance is a partner at the company I work at which practically means he is my boss and everyone elses too.
And I'm wondering if I should look for a different job?

It was never really an issue because he is not my direct superior and we don't really work together at all, but recently word got around that we are getting married and well the response hasn't been all positive.
People I talk to a lot usually feel like they can't talk to me about everything anymore. I think a lot of people think I'm with him to sleep my way to the top so to speak. The other day I suggested something to my fiance and the next day I've overheard some guys talking "We're all doing overtime this week , bosses wife had an idea"
And he changed too since we are engaged. He never used to treat me differently, but now I feel he does sometimes

I love my job, but there are other job, so I'm thinking of quitting.
I pitched that idea to fiance he said that'd be crazy and him being a partner makes everything in our future, especially children, much easier. And well he does have a point there too. I don't know I'm torn?
Being married to the boss, good or bad idea?
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