I feel lonely? Is there something wrong or am I normal? What can I do?

I graduated college and moved back home. While I was in college I was around a lot of people I knew and I made an effort to be social.

By my senior year I had quite a few friends.

Now that I'm home I don't really know many people. I only have three friends at home that I make an effort to keep in touch with.

My other friends I don't keep in contact with much. I haven't seen them in forever and I do text them from time to time but I don't see them also doing the same thing. I wasn't super close with them anyways so it's not a huge deal but I did like their company.

I have recently figured out that some other friends that I have are not real friends. They are discouraging about my goals and say many things behind my back. They also don't make time for me and want me to meet up with them at their convenience.

That bothers me. Like they can never say "hey I miss you, let's do something!". It's more like "hey, I'm here. Meet up with me!" Or "I'll talk to you while I do something else".

Right now I only have three friends I regularly see and hang out with and I'm just feeling lonely. I try to make friends in class and talk to people but it's hard in lecture.

I'm also bummed I found out some of my friends who I thought were good aren't real friends at all.

I just feel really lonely :(
I feel lonely? Is there something wrong or am I normal? What can I do?
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