Any girls on here that are "too nice?"?

To all the "too nice" guys on here that always post questions as to why you can't get or keep a girl because you are "too nice,"
I am a woman who is "too nice." I have been all my life. Always bend over backwards for people to please them. Afraid to speak up to my bf because I want to be "perfect" for him. Brushing off things that people say to offend me because Im afraid of confrontation.
Well Im 43 now and it took me this long to realize that, although its great to be a nice, caring and sympathetic person, sometimes it can cause people to walk all over you. I've had it done to me in the past.
So to the "too nice" girls on here, what are your experiences and have any of you changed your perspectives and has it helped you?
Looking for advice. Thank you!
Any girls on here that are "too nice?"?
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