Blocked on Facebook by HS ex gf of 10 years ago?


I recently found out that I have been blocked on FB by a girl I knew in the 8th grade. It's almost my 10 year reunion!

In high school I was the one who got dumped and from then I didn't make any contact with her whatsoever.

I haven't kept in touch at all through real life or social media. I finished HS, went to uni, started working and then went to med school without a SINGLE message sent. Basically, we are strangers.

Fast forward to today, I went to my reunion FB group and was looking forward to seeing everyone from HS when I noticed her name in a friend's comment. I tried to search her name to add for friends but came up empty. I told a friend, and they said that she had an account.

I researched why I couldn't search for her and found out it's because she blocked me!

Why would someone take the time to block another person they hadn't seen in years? We weren't even friends on facebook! Lol, you have to actually type in the person's name you want to block if i'm not mistaken.

Also, keep in mind, FB did not even come out until roughly 5 years after I first met her and I don't even know when the blocking feature came out. So someone I haven't seen or spoken to or heard from blocks me all of a sudden (or at minimum when the blocking feature was introduced).

I'm really disappointed right now. You meet a ton of people after HS, but it's nice to go back and share memories with people.
Blocked on Facebook by HS ex gf of 10 years ago?
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