I'm a little embarassed. Did I respond to this guy ok?

I am on a special interests site and went to a conference with these people.
At the end of the conference I sort of rushed out because I had to go.
Maybe this guy thought something was wrong? He messaged me on the site that he meant to say hi. And hope things are good.
I just replied that I had to run and that's ok! and that I wish I could catch the next conference this Thursday (tomorrow).

He didn't have to write back, and didn't. I don't know him well. I'm not interested and he doesn't seem interested. I'm just super shy and wonder if I said the wrong thing? I feel like I should have said have a nice Christmas instead of talking about the next conference!

Aside from him I don't know how to talk to guys :-/ im just shy. Doesn't matter if anyone's interested in anyone.
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Also kinda wonder if I seemed like something was wrong, and that's the only reason why he messaged, because I just had to run as it was getting out late. I had hardly put my coat on lol
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So curious about this, thanks
I'm a little embarassed. Did I respond to this guy ok?
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