My friend is very popular with girls, unlike me :(?

So, My friend is really popular with girls, he's quiet handsome guy too , at least better than me, He have an outgoing personality , especially with girls~ today, I was with him and a girl went by us, she looked at him , smiled and said "Hi! How are you?" and continued walking, I've told him "Do you know her?" and he says "Not much" , Man, that's really unfair! I try to talk with girls and stuff but they won't even notice me after I leave them nor they greet me too , Is it because of his good looks? or just because he's more outgoing than me? if it was because of his looks that will be so shallow and unfair :(
I don't feel very good today, I kinda lost a little bit of my confidence and I feel really jealous and oppressed for not having a good looks like him ~ does looks matters that much to girls? :(
My friend is very popular with girls, unlike me :(?
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