I want to get over my crush, advice please?

I finally realize how incompatible he and I are. I mean, we have a lot of common friends at school because of how small our batch (this is the same as saying class [of...]) is. And we do have some common interests, like anime, video games, online games (LoL, Dota2, Dragon Nest). At first I didn't really notice him, and now whenever I see him, my heart beats faster and I have the whole butterflies in the stomach feeling. This is a first time for me, I've never liked someone before or been in a relationship. Lately, I've been trying to ignore him but he seems to purposefully try to get my attention (ex: Whenever I'm with our common friends, when I'm talking with his guys friends, doing magic tricks, acting silly).

I'm not sure what got my attention in the first place, I think it was because he is very skilled with magic tricks and he's very charismatic. A lot of girls like him because of his charm, I guess. At the same time, he has traits that I'm not really looking for in a guy, like smoking/drinking (mainly because I have health related issues and can't be around them too much).

I really want to get over this because I want to focus more on my studies rather than become distracted.

Please some advice

- L. M.
I want to get over my crush, advice please?
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