Will North Korean folk music be the next big thing in the states?

Eras come and eras go. You have you bluegrass, then your big band and jazz era. You you start getting into the old blues masters and work your way up to soul and bebob old school straight up rock n rock.

Then everything went to pure shit in 1970s and you had your disco and funkadelic soul. Then you started on this hair metal crap and this rap stuff, which at its outset, was actually interesting.

And now what do you have? Pure shit that's what. How long can this same old crusty crap keep getting pumped out every month until people finally wake up from their weed and look at each other in a moment of lucidity and, you, this sucks! And then I turn it over to this country station and that's all a bunch of horse shit too. Then I turn it over to the alt metal station and they SUCK! They can't even play their instruments anymore! At least Eddy Van Halen was a real guitarist st and Jimmie Hendrix was stoned out of his rock 90% of the time and could still find his way around a fret board

Your brain has been on one stupid base drum for a least 20 years. How long until people realize that gangsta ghetto is dog shit? Because it is. It's not even interesting amore. How many different God damned ways can you blurt out "bitch and ho" before you die and go to hell of sheer suck?

I say North Korean folk is the way of the future for North American pop.

Everything sounds like shit!
Will North Korean folk music be the next big thing in the states?
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