Why would a girl do this? Showed all the right signs?

So I used to have this female friend I was really into, she had a BF. I'm over her now, but I still find myself pondering something about our former friendship. She showed every sign of crushing on me, play fighting, poking me, initiating conversation, playing with her hair, etc . She even drew a picture of me with her in the background staring at me with hearts as eyes. She also called me handsome once. This whole time she had a BF, and this was the first girl I'd ever really spoken to on a long term level so I fell for her.

Because of this, I stopped hanging out with her when she would invite me over, and now we barely talk. Did she want me to be an orbiter? Did she actually like me as more than a friend but couldn't act upon her feels, or was possibly waiting for me to make the first move? I no longer really care much about her at all, and it was all a learning experience for me never to get friendzoned again, but I still ponder about it.
She was crushing on you but had a BF at the same time
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She wanted you to be an 'orbiter'(even though I never really complimented her)
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Why would a girl do this? Showed all the right signs?
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