Should I tell my coworkers about this?

So since I molested for about 10 years, I suffer from depression and have thought about suicide many of times.

At work, some of them are pretty cool. And I would consider them almost a friend but we basically only talk about work. Although my manager and I talk about our families, eating habits, and hobbies. He also will give me a high five, rub my shoulder, give me a side hug, or nudge my arm. He's actually my best friend.

I don't mind him doing that because I have a crush on him. But one day some completely random guy came in and called me an angel for helping him and then gave me a hug. It took everything in me not to start freaking out on the floor and punch him. That has only happened once so far but I had to take an early lunch and go cry in the bathroom.

I've told other people before and it has not turned out well. I'm a bit scared of what will happen if I tell someone else. What do you think I should do
Should I tell my coworkers about this?
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