How would you fix this (if at all possible)?

A Girl work with and have been "good" Friends with for a number of years, changed her behavior towards me drastically after we had a couple of lunch "dates" (even though I had reminded we are good Friends as I am married a few times) we also used to text and email each other a lot, anyway there is a lot to go into but my main question is why the hell would she send me a false harassment text (that was apparently a drunken joke between 2 guys who had stole her phone and gone through her messages).

I had no idea it was a joke and I treated her coldly and ignored her for weeks, we ended up having a big drunken talk about things and she mentioned that she had kept all of messages (WTF?) there was no harassment, I hardly contacted her, maybe the night when she came out to dinner I sent her a few texts that she didn't reply to but they were just random ones like have you seen so and so?

Anyway, I suspect that she got annoyed with me that I walked off on her (I often do this when she annoys me) and texted her and another girl the reason why (Family things) I thought I was being polite.

So she ignored me for a couple of weeks and ending up saying Hi and talking to me again, I sent her a Facebook message saying let's just leave all of this BS in the past and start a new Friendship as our Friendship was dead and she lept at the chance and said yes and no more awkwardness ok?

Fast forward to our work Christmas party and a guy we both know (one of the losers that went through her phone) came up to me and asked me if I was into her and that I am not to contact her anymore and that the Friendship is over etc, he got quite agitated too but I don't think it was any of his damn business and no one asked that nosey douche to go through this girls private messages.

Since then, I have not said a word to her and she still comes down to my office (she has Friends down there) and looks at me, in fact she often looks at me and there is no smile, just a straight look.
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There has been a lot of other drama as well and I'm pretty sure that things changed between us when we attended a course together and her demeanor totally changed when I told her that the tutor was flirting with me, she ended up saying that we needed to talk but when the time was right.
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We ended up talking after the course and she laid all of this I think you were mean to me when I asked you if you needed help, I said No I was tired and sore from a gym session the previous night and for her to not take it so personally.
How would you fix this (if at all possible)?
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