Would you lie for another person?

What if a person was accused of something, you knew it wasn't true, but couldn't prove it.
Would you tell a lie, or a series of lies to protect them?
No, I would not lie.
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Yes I would lie.
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It would depend on the accusation.
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I would lie only for a family member, or close friend.
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Ok I can see too much confusion here.
The real point was not who it was, or what they did.
I was deliberate about that, allowing you to create your own scenario.
Be you a witness, relative, friend, or stranger.
The fact is you for one reason or other, absolutely know they are not the guilty person.
Once I create the scenario for you the poll becomes irrelevant.
I don't want to steal your scene.
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The poll reveals indifference.
Those that can ignore the fact that the person is innocent, but since they don't know them, or for other trivial reasons, including scrupulous adherence an "I just don't lie" no matter what, are unwilling to help.
My intentions are related to juries.
Our constitution guarantees a trial by jury of peers.
But, for years we have known that juries are anything but objective.
So jurists may convict a person simply out of convenience.
Would you lie for another person?
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