What to do about this teacher?

So I'm currently in AP Spanish, and my teacher (let's call her Señora Chavez) and I have had a "rocky" relationship for a few months now...
So on the very first day of class, I was talking to her and she asked what college I wanted to attend. When I said Yale, she looked at me a bit oddly and asked what my ethnicity was and said my background may be a huge deciding factor. I was a bit offended and taken aback, but when I replied Mexican and Palestinian, she got really happy.
The next day, she was asking everyone how many AP classes we've taken thus far, and when I said 12, everyone started clapping and she got so excited that she got her marker out and asked me what my AP scores were. I was very taken aback, but I told her.

I'm not going to go too in detail, but I had a family crisis in October, and because of that my grades started to decline to Bs. When this happened, Señora Chavez asked me to come to her desk because she wanted to talk to me. I came over and she pulled up my grades (I have no idea how she was able to do that) and asked me what happened. When I told her it was a family crisis, she rolled her eyes and said "Yeah, right" and started lecturing me in front of the class. I was humiliated; there were several other girls laughing at me as she practically yelled at me.
Señora Chavez is known around campus for the class where students cheat off each other's work. When I came here, this was very true; whenever there's an assignment, the non-Spanish speakers copy of the native speakers' papers. One time, when she was passing out papers, she asked the class "Are you ready to cheat off each other?" With a big smile. She later talked about how her class was criticized because of this cheating thing, and she said that she doesn't care at all if her students cheat. At That point, I had lost all respect for her and started copying off other's work, because I was tired of doing my own work and getting marked down whereas the girls behind me copied and
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Like, I know it wasn't right to cheat but it's unfair... Right before winter break ended, I did some extra credit for her and turned it in. When I emailed her a question about it, she answered it and then said that she was "annoyed" how I would copy other's papers and Complained how I don't put any effort in her class. The next day happened yo be the day before winter vacation, and as I was leaving, she asked me what my plans were. I told her I was going on a trip. She looked up
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And gave me a harsh eye and said "excuse me"? I repeated what I said and she was all like "Oh..."
I'm very irritated at this point in time; I don't understand why she lectures me but leaves everyone else alone.
What should I do?
What to do about this teacher?
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