Does he have feelings for me?

There is this guy who is six years older than me (I'm 20) and he's been hired as a supplementary Instructor (a kind of tutor) for my math class at our college and I begin to develop feelings for him. I wanted to know if he likes me. There is one incident on my birthday when I came to class all dressed up and my friend told me that he kept staring at me and smiling at me, one of my guy friends said I looked sexy and once he heard that he turned to look at me and he smiled. That night I texted him and we started having a nice conversation, he asked me things like "what do I like to do for fun" etc. days later we began texting late into the night around 1 a. m in the morning and the text became more flirtatious in nature. He would say things like "I need a back massage" and I said to him jokingly "whenever you need me, I'm there" to which he said "lol. I'll remember that" and I asked him if he would really consider me giving him a massage and he would say "what's wrong with that?". Fast forwarding, my friend told him that I liked him without my knowledge to which he responded "I know she does" and they spoke. That's when our dynamic changed. He didn't really speak to me but now we're on good terms, he gives me rides home and we would hug, we spoke privately and I asked him about the whole massage texts and he told me that he's though about it and me coming to his house wouldn't be a good idea. He said he thinks I'm attractive but likes me as a friend but he wants to get to know me better. Since then, I text him and we would have friendly conversations, but I'm always texting him and I would like him to text me first. I want to know if he might like me and why he thought me giving him a massage was a bad idea? Any ideas on how to get his attention and see me as more than just a friend? Sometimes I feel like he could have feelings for me but he doesn't want to express it because he's shy. I try to analyze his behavior and I get confused. I need in depth answers please!!
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The guy that I like is no longer my tutor because the semester is over and now we're on winter break. We've recently been texting but then again I've always texted him first. I keep reminding myself on how he said he wants to get to know me better but he hasn't out me out and I really want him too. My friends said I should ask him out but I want him to ask me. Should I ask him out or should I leave him alone. I don't want to feel as though I'm pushing myself on him if I ask him out.
Does he have feelings for me?
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