What does she really mean by things are moving too quickly?

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What does she really mean?

I just received this text message from a girl that I've went out with a few times over the past two weeks. We met through friends and decided to meet for drinks on Thursday about 10 days ago. We went on a great date the next Wednesday - everything was fantastic and she kept saying how much fun she had had. We then met for drink again on Friday and she brought along a small gift for me. We hung out all day the next day watching football and movies. Again, all indications from her were that things were going great. The next day she was slow to reply to texts and seemed a little different, so I just gave her her space. Today she text me this morning and just sent this text:

"Hey my day has been kinda busy...I can't meet you tonight...I really have enjoyed spending time you but I feel that we need to take a few steps back...Things are moving a little too fast for me and I am afraid that I won't be able to make it Friday night...I hope that you have had a good day...Enjoy your night"

A little background - She broke up with a long time boyfriend of two years in April (they had been living together). I know that they went out as recently as the 1st part of August and she says that she still cares about him very much. She says that she hasn't been on a date in months, so I think I'm the first person that she's went out with since breaking up with him.

How should I proceed now and is there a chance that we could go out in the future taking things at her own pace? Or is this just a nice way of saying that she is no longer interested?

She told me on our second date that I have more sex appeal than anyone that she has ever been with.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
What does she really mean by things are moving too quickly?
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