OK wow, she just stopped texting me...

So I was in the middle of texting this girl, and all of a sudden she doesn't respond back?

Why did she do that?

She's done this before, just last week, she texted me "Hey!"...i replied, and she didn't bother to text me back.


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  • It could be because teacher saw hew and took her phone away if it was during school. If not there and tons of possibilities of whyshe did that, maybe she got busy all of a sudden or remembered she had to do something. There is always a possibilty she just likes to play mind games. If that's the case no one deserves that and I would ignore her but that's just me Good luck with that I know it can be annoying :) :P :D XD

  • There are countless reasons that can explain why she hasn't texted back. ie. text wasn't sent successfully, she left her phone somewhere 'cause she had to go do something, it broke? I don't know the only way to find out is by asking her. Just casually ask her the next day "Hey what happened yesterday? We had a good convo going and you just left it hanging haha." Ok that might sound lame but I'm sure you catch my drift.


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