How can I tell if a girl is nice?

It's hard to find a nice girl, and even if I find one, give her 2-3 weeks to change, and zip, personality change.

I know that people go through hard days sometimes, and I understand that, but it just so happens that when the random bad mood day comes, they never ever get out of it anymore.

It's either literally the fact that they are never in a good mood anymore (possible, but unlikely?)

.. or it's the fact that their 'nice mask melts off after the rain'

Meaning that they were never nice in the beginning, but were just forcing it instead.

Although, my main question at hand is, how can I tell if a girl is nice, and will remain nice without changing? I know there are signs, for example, how she treats other people.

I used to have a girlfriend who would get into fights with other girls, but would treat me nicely, and one day, she got tired of being nice around me too, and started showing her true colors.

I'd like to know the signs of a genuinely nice girl. Thanks for reading.
How can I tell if a girl is nice?
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