PHASES of life , what phases have you been through?

I've been reading my diaries again and I realize I have passed through quite a few phases in my life already , some I'll rather not remember but interesting to read back to nevertheless.

I started off as a street kid who basically wrecked shit and damn nearly got sent to a mental institution because they though I was ADHD and have violence tendency till they did an IQ test on me which then they sent me to a gifted school for a few years before I was booted for discipline issues lol

That was my INSANITY phase.

Then I went into a public middle school which I spent a few years as a quiet library kid where i read my days away because I was quite frankly bored by the real world around me.

That was my ENCASED phase.

The days spent in the library came to fruition (well not really fruition , cos I wasn't planning anything when I was reading) when I was admitted to the "gifted" class again being VERY Asian studying all the sciences , got admitted into engineering school till I got bored of it because I realized there was no freedom in engineering , only regulations and code of practices.

That was my NERDY phase.

And now I'm in Canada wondering where has this place been all my life. Truly enjoying learning and exploring once more.

This is my EXPLORER phase.

What phases of life have you been through?
What phase of life are you in now?
PHASES of life , what phases have you been through?
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