Is This Aussie or Nah?

So I'm in my last semester of college. I was offered to study abroad for having joined this Academic club at school in which I've maintained a good GPA. Well, the students of the club have a choice to attend the program in China or Australia. Australia has always been my number one place to visit outside my country, but like I'm trying to make sure its worth it. So the invitation says we'll be leaving for Sydney the day after graduation and that we'll be there for a week. We'd be staying in a four star hotel where we receive two meals a day, etc. I've never personally visited Australia because I have yet to get up the funds. But anyways, the trip is $4k, however that doesn't include airfare. So, I'm thinking maybe $5k all together?

To sum that all up, do you guys think spending $5k is worth one week in Australia? I mean, in a way, it actually sounds like a deal since most people say Australia is of high living and very expensive to travel to. I'd love to go, maybe even find me a surferboy... lol... But the thought of having to go alone without any family or friends makes me nervous. Yet, this study will help to advance my future career.
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Is This Aussie or Nah?
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