My best friend is pissed at me? What do I do?

This problem started in-game. I met a person, and that person and I were chatting. My best friend starts spamming and rampaging on me and kind of started to 'threaten me.' It was annoying and I couldn't really chat with the other person. So the other person wanted to involve herself into this. I didn't want to tell that person, but because of her connections she found my best friend easily. She said to my best friend, "Do you want to fly? Just stfu etc" My best friend's temper is pretty bad, but those words were harsh (in game).

That was the main cause of the problem.
Today, she said she's digusted with me. I'm not sure why quite yet, but she thinks that I should know since I was the one who told the other person her name. I did not. I didn't want to. I didn't want a third party involved, but the thrd party wanted to be involved.
I admit, that because of her personality, I was tortured often, but I said that to her before countless times. So why does it make her feel digusted when another person says it? She's my bestfriend, and what other people say shouldn't have an impact on her. But it did.

I don't understand.
My best friend is pissed at me? What do I do?
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