Would you kill to save your family?

There is a terrorist that has a hand held detonator device which he is about to press and blow up a sky scraper with 5000 people inside. The media are all over this and you see everything going on.

You and your family are on a boad in the habour and the terrorist is also on the same boat. He has a bomb which is set to detonate if his heart stops or goes above 120bpm. The device will deactivate only if the bomb in the building goes off. There are enough explosives on board your boat to kill everyone, 1 tonne of TNT.

He is 5 seconds away from pressing the detonator button. You have a gun and a knife, what do you do?
Shoot him dead
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Shoot him to injure
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Do nothing to save yourself and your family
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Would you kill to save your family?
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